Airbrush Makeup

“When everything must be perfect on your wedding day, airbrush makeup is your best friend”

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Why Use Airbrush Makeup?

As an Airbrush Wedding Makeup Artist, this is the best method preferred especially for wedding makeup. Airbrush is much better on the skin instead of traditional methods being applied with sponges, brushes, fingers, or other methods. 

Airbrush Makeup is not new!!

The use of airbrush makeup has been known by few for many years. Used by celebrities for red carpet events, weddings, special photo shoots, and high definition formats. When applied correctly, the skin appears flawless, natural and fresh all day long as it was at the initial application. The feel is natural, the look is flawless, fresh looking skin which looks beautiful in person, makeup that looks amazing, undetectable in photographs and lasts the whole wedding day!

Airbrush Makeup is a specialised makeup application previously used by makeup artists for high-end photo shoots and celebrity red carpet events. The result is natural, flawless, durable, photo-perfect skin. Airbrush Wedding makeup is Now Available to You in Melbourne!

  • Long wearing & water-resistant formula, with no need for touchups.
  • Perfect & fresh looking skin throughout the day regardless of heat, humidity, or how much you dance!
  • Flawless complexion means photographic perfection.
  • Will not rub off or transfer to clothes.
  • Your skin looks naturally gorgeous like you are glowing from within!
  • Does not cake, smear or melt away.
  • Airbrush wedding makeup delivers a lightweight feel and look.
  • Non-comedogenic (will not clog pores.)
  • Perfect for those with sensitive skin.
  • Full color range for a perfect skin tone match.
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